Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Night Before Christmas, BERNINA Style

I received this in my email and thought you might like it.

The Night Before Christmas, BERNINA Style

'Twas the night before Christmas

And in the sewing room, deep

Not a bobbin was turning

All was quiet 830E asleep.

A cup of eggnog rested on my knee,

UFOs scattered far as the eye could see.

Unfinished quilts, stockings, and shirts,

Half-finished linens, unhemmed tree skirts.

I closed my eyes and came up with a plan;

I'd put IOU's in everyone's hands!

I'd write, "I'll make you a shirt, a quilt, a clock."

But the words sounded hollow, false, a crock.

And deep in the midst of my solemn unease,

I heard a strong wind blow through the trees.

Outside of my window there came such a clatter,

I rose from my machine to see what was the matter.

Three little creatures flew through the night

To enter my sewing room and make everything right.

"I'm Dongle! I'm Dual Feed! I'm BSR!" said the three little elves,

And they zoomed their way to my supply shelves.

"We'll get everything fixed up, lickety-split;

You just relax with your eggnog, sit, sit, sit!"

And they worked their magic on that Christmas night,

Dresses were finished, and wrapped up tight.

Quilts were completed in the blink of an eye,

And I leaned back with my eggnog and happily sighed.

I watched as they worked on towels and skirts.

They freemotioned quilts, embroidered stockings, and shirts.

They ironed, they pressed, they had such skill -

Watching them work was such a thrill!

"Oh, to always have an embroidery-830 elf,

Would be a wondrous thing," I said to myself.

And as Christmas Eve night turned into day,

I heard the wee little elf, Dongle, say,

"Our work here is finished, and its been so much fun,

Christmas is saved, our task is now done."

And they rose up in the air, ready to fly

Out through the window and into the sky.

But the sewing room would be much more fun

If three little elves got all the work done.

So I grabbed Dongle and Dual Feed and held BSR tight;

There'd be no escaping on this Christmas night.

I opened my thread chest and stuffed them inside;

I paid no attention to their pleadings and cries.

My apologies to Santa, but these elves are mine!

I'm going to use them all of the time.

If you are a Bernina owner you will know what a Dongle, a BSR and a Dual Feed are. Maybe if you don't own one you will still like it.

Merry Christmas Friends, Karen

Merry Christmas

I am just dropping by to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I know I haven't posted in awhile. I broke my foot and should be out of the cast in a couple more weeks. My Christmas plans had to be put aside somewhat this year. It hasn't stopped all the festivities for sure. The tree is one of my small Christmas trees that I use in the dining room some years. It was only put up for Jak's sake. I did get my Christmas shopping done, mostly online, but it is done. My Christmas projects that I had planned are still in my sewing room which is downstairs. Climbing stairs has proved to be a big problem for me. It just wears me out. So I will have end of January gifts that are handmade for some of my family. Now how cool is that? Just trying to have a positive outlook! Anyway, not feeling sorry for myself...just ready to be out of this big purple cast! I do have BIG plans for 2010.

So, to my blogging friends...Have a Very Merry Christmas!!!

Blessings, Karen